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Copyright Registration

Just Few Fee for Big Value of Work

Copyright Protection

Help individual, enterprise to protect their legal right and benefit to intellectual properties.
Exclusive Commercial Exploitation

The enterprise, individual owning copyrith will ensure exclusively commercial exploitation, assignment, trasfer...
Long-term Business Value

An intellectual property is exploited and ensured permanently economic source such as copyright of a book, music, computer software...

Types of Work Protection

Literature, scientific work, schoolbook, textbook...
Lecture, speech or other similar kinds
Work of newspaper; music, stage,movie; photography; architecture
Shaping work, applied fine arts
Image map, diagram, drawing relating to terrain, scientific work
Literature work, folk art
Computer program, data collection
Register copyright to prevent illegal copy, false copy as well as unauthorized transfer of work.

Documentation of copyright protection

As the owner is (co-)author

03 sample of work to register copyright; is work published
or not; time of publication

02 copies of ID Card of author(s)
Full name, pen name (if any), address, telephone,
fax number of author/co-authors

Authorization letter of author(s) (form)
Author's commitment on independent creation of work
without violating any copyright -1 copy (form)

Documentation of copyright protection

As the owner is not (co-)author

03 samples of original work
01 company's letter of authorization (form)
01 notarized copy of author's ID card
Letter of transfer of work ownership of authors/authors to the work's owner
01 copy of ID card of author/authors
Author's commitment on independent creation of work without violating any copyright (form)

Detailed quotation of Copyright Registration Service

Performance costs : 3.500.000 dong
Performance time: 15 days
✔ The above price is excluded of 10% VAT
Customer just needs to sign in letter of authorization & supply necessary documents
SmartWork will complete procedures until receiving certificate

Smartwork 's Commitment

Support for customer own's benefit

Professional in necessary legal services related to copyright registration procedures
Quick procedure, saving time and costs
Support, follow procedure from consulting to receiving certificate of copyright
Customer just needs to sign letter of authorization and supply sample of work

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